Liebster blog award


12 thoughts on “Liebster blog award

  1. I love Barbie toooo! I kept buying them until 19, they are so pretty! 😛

    Did your hubby sit by you on the 10 question? 😀 😛

    1. well he was sitting beside me while I was answering the questions, I kinda asked his opinion on things, specially the question about what I tend to overbuy, he had strong opinions about it as if he knew them by heart hahaha

      1. Hahhaaa I bet! 😀 I forgot to tell I overbuy jeans too, and this obsession has been going on since I was 13 or 14!

      2. Oh my! me too!! when my hubby well back then he was my boyfriend still, kept insisting that I buy a lot of Jeans, i had to count all of them in front of him, and to my horror… I did just admit and said, “oh well, Hi I’m madette and I am a Jeans-a-holic” lol!

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